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Celebrity Dental Makeovers!

Dentistry makes a difference!  Familiar Faces Wearing Braces A dental makeover may be easier than you think,  and  it can have a huge impact on a persons confidence and smile.   Sometimes a simple bonding or whitening procedure can make a huge difference in a person’s appearance.   If you ever considered changing your smile, talk to  your dentist to see what they can…

Tips to Prevent Cavities on Your Child’s Teeth

Most parents know that brushing their kids teeth twice a day is important for dental health.   Most also know that going to the dentist twice a year is important.    But, here are a few things parents may not know: Cavities are on the Rise! According to the Center for Disease control almost half of children ages 2-11 have cavities on their baby…

Are you at Risk for Cavities?

We have recently seen an increase in decay in all ages especially young children.   There are many things that put a person at risk for cavities.  Some of them include: previous cavities dry mouth sugary drinks throughout the day snacking on sticky or sugary foods poor oral hygiene change in medication sipping on coffee throughout the day drinking soda…

What Causes Bad Breath?!

What Causes Bad Breath?! Halitosis, bad breath, can be caused by improper hygiene or more serious medical conditions.   Bad breath can be the result of the foods we eat, the lack of saliva (xerostomia or dry mouth), unhealthy lifestyles, gum disease, or medical disorders. There are two types of bad breath:  transient and persistent.  Transient bad breath comes and…

Dental Symptoms…When to call the Dentist

Ever wonder what that pain in your mouth is? Is it something serious? Should you get it checked out? Who really has time to go to the dentist for one more thing? Well, keep reading and decide for yourself if it is worth an immediate visit. Some problems may be more persistent and dangerous than others; sometimes, you may need…

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