Summer Teeth Tips!

Here are a few tips to keep your teeth healthy this summer!

  1. Chewing ice may cool you off on a hot summer day, but it is not good for your teeth.  Use ice as something to cool your drink and not as a food.   Chewing ice can leave your teeth weak and vulnerable to breaking and can cause damage to your enamel.

2. Wear a mouthguard during summer sports.   Even though summer sports may not be high contact, your teeth can still be at risk if you take a fall.   Be safe and protect your teeth.

3.  When you are hot, you sweat.   Don’t reach for a sports drink to rehydrate.   Many sports drinks contain sugar as their top ingredient and can be as bad for your teeth as drinking soda.   If you are going to have a sports drink, look for one that is low in sugar to prevent damage to your teeth.


Summer can also be a great time to make your dental appointment.   It is convenient with many schedules and the office is cool and crisp on these hot summer days! 

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