Hot topics: How do Hollywood stars get their perfect smiles?

Ever wonder how Joe Biden or those Hollywood celebrities maintain those pearly whites? Let’s start with the obvious, BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH; at least 2x daily. Use a soft bristle brush or even better, an electric toothbrush. According to Phillips Sonicare, It’s clinically proven to whiten teeth in just one week, remove up to 4x more plaque in hard-to-reach places and improve your gum health in just two weeks, compared to a manual toothbrush. Use floss; keep those flossing sticks within arms’ reach. Use mouthwash, they make whitening formulas. Stay away from sodas and energy drinks, even the diet version. They are corrosive and acidic. Water is a natural alternative, and everyone can do it, it’s free! A healthy diet is always helpful. Sugary snacks, candy and gum are never a good option. The obvious culprit is tobacco use, stay away from it. Most importantly, visit your dentist 2x a year.

If you are still not getting the desired results, try whitening. With low investment, a number of at-home teeth whitening products will lighten stains. Professional treatments like bonding and veneers are a great cosmetic option, although pricey. In office laser treatments, strips, gel trays and brush-on gels are something many actors do two to four times yearly to keep up their smile’s brightness. Whatever you decide, ask your dentist what’s right for you.

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