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I wanted to say thank you for the outstanding service that I received on my first visit to your office today! Although I am not quite cured of my dentophobia, (yeah, that's a real thing...I googled it!) the kindness and patience of your entire team made me feel much better about coming back again...and again and again and... well, you get the point. So, THANKS!

- Jen

"Recovering Dentophobe"

My husband and I have been with Edwards Family Dental since the day it opened and have had the privilege of observing the constant growth into an A practice.  Edwards Family Dental is more than a cut above all of the other offices in town.  Very special attention has been given to the selection of all the office staff, overall design of the office, and with the most up to date technology.  We can always look forward to a new technique or to new equipment...just always a better way of "doing business".  Why else would I consider getting the new Invisalign braces to make my teeth even more beautiful at age 71?  Grab Edwards Family Dental as soon as you can before there is a waiting list like outstanding dental offices have back east. David and I recommend them to you without any hesitations whatsoever.

-Mare and David

Tim, as you could tell I have neglected my dental issues for a long time due to the dentist not being a place that I feel very comfortable with and being embarrassed with my neglect. But you and your staff made me feel very comfortable and I appreciate the quick response to my problems. Thanks again!!


I really found the staff to be exceptionally personable and interested in me as a person; not just a patient. I believe this establishes far more rapport for the Edwards Family Dental by having such a personable connection with their patients. This builds trust along with the excellent dental care to be a fantastic combination of services.


This was the best dental appointment that I have ever had. I learned more about my teeth and all the reasons why things are the way they are in my mouth than all my years before. A great office with top notch professionals. Loved the televisions. Thank you.


I had deep frown lines between my brows that made me look angry and unapproachable.  A 30 minute consultation with Dr. Edwards has changed my life forever.  I was surprised by how quick and painless the procedure was.  It has been 14 days since my treatment and I finally look like the happy, carefree person I have always been on the inside. -Jenni

Dr. Edwards is the best dentist I've ever had! His office is clean, professional and always up-to-date on the ever-changing world of denistry. His office has modern equipment and he offers innovative options to dental care. They always make you feel welcome and comfortable.

Remarkable in today's setting - friendly, customer service, personable, didn't treat me like a number - respectful. First time a dentist has ever spent time speaking with me for longer than a moment. Your practice is very unique among the world of Dentists. I wish your staff & practice incredible success! Although I am a temporary worker in your area, I will tell all of the remarkably positive experience! Thank you!


I thought this was the most professional and comfortable dental establishment I have ever visited. The office was clean and knowledgeable about your products and services. I encourage your office to strive to keep the same values and setup to differentiate itself from competition. I hope I continue to have the same service with future visits and I will surely recommend Edwards Family Dental.


I enjoy and appreciate the entire staff. Everyone is very friendly and all go above and beyond, each time. I am continually impressed by your commitment to do whatever it takes to "make it right." Dr. Edwards, your integrity speaks for you. Thank you.


I LOVE your office!! The staff is AWESOME, and very attentive. Everyone is very easy to talk with, and really make it seem like home there. It's like visiting with friends, rather than a cold professional atmosphere. The best thing about all this, is that it is complimented by a real group of professionals that know what they're doing. I'm glad to be able to refer friends and colleagues to the Edwards family dental office. Oh yes, I forgot, I love my Invisalign brace(s) as well. Thanks to you all.


The staff and Dr Edwards explain everything that is going on, procedures, what it will feel like, what to be careful of, symptoms to look for, precautions to take. This is highly unusual in other dental or medical practices and a great added benefit to the patient


You all are great! You make it very relaxed and casual, and Mia loves coming to you. As a kid I always hid from my mom when it was time to see the dentist, so I'm so pleased that Mia is asking all year long, "When do I get to go see Dr. Tim again?" Thanks everyone!


I am extremely pleased with the results of my Invisalign treatment. My family and friends have all complimented me on my new look. It is a real confidence booster. I recommended the invisalign treatment to several people, and I think at least one of them is strongly considering it. Everyone at Dr Edwards' office has been very friendly and polite each time I came in.


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