Tooth Whitening Sensitivity

With the holiday fast approaching, we always get several questions about tooth whitening.   Whats the best whitening? How can I whiten the fastest?  And most importantly, how can I prevent sensitivity from whitening?  The answer is…there isn’t a best answer for everyone!   Here are some tips to prevent sensitivity from whitening:

  • Use fluoride before whitening.
    • Specialized toothpaste with extra fluoride to prevent sensitivity, fluoride rinse, prescription toothpaste from the dental office, and professional fluoride treatments are all good options depending on your level of sensitivity.
  • Use of anti-inflammatory
    • Anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen can help with those dreaded “zingers”
  • Using a lower concentration of whitening material
    • Our office offers several choices of concentration so we can find one that is right for you
  • Increase the time between whitening applications
    • Most whitening products will say to use from 10-21 days.   This does not mean that you have to wear them 10-21 days in a row.   If you are experiencing sensitivity due to your whitening system, allow a day or two rest in between applications.
  • Desensitizing agents
    • There are desensitizing agents that can be obtained from the dental office to help with pain from whitening.   These products are typically used 30-60 minutes before and after whitening.   The main ingredient is usually potassium nitrate that works almost immediately to help with the pain.

See our whitening page for great whitening options and contact our office today!

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