Funny Dental Facts to Make You Smile Big!

Here are some funny facts about teeth that we hope you will enjoy!

  • Each year, China celebrates Love Your Teeth Day on September 20th. And, in America, we celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day on February 28th.
  • Elephant’s molar tooth weight nearly 4 kilograms and almost 7″ square.
  • In Germany during the Middle Ages, kissing a donkey was the only treatment for painful teeth.
  • Ancient Greeks were the first to invent dental pliers.
  • In United States, the first woman to get a dental degree was Lucy Hobbs, from Ohio College of Dental surgery in 1866.
  • You actually produce more than ten thousand gallons of saliva during your entire life.
  • The enamel covering crown of your teeth is the hardest tissue in your entire body.
  • Most people prefer to use blue toothbrushes than the red ones!
  • Unlike humans, when a crocodile loses a tooth, another one grows to replace the old one.
  • The first commercial dental floss was made in 1882.
  • Ninety percent of all systemic diseases reveal oral cavity manifestations.
    Your dental plaque contains more than three hundred species of bacteria.

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