Don’t Drink Soda!

Simply stated: Don’t drink soda. It is bad for you. In fact, it can kill you. From the moment you take a sip of soda, every man-made ingredient is absorbed into your body, leaving behind side-effects that can impact your health and life forever.
Think about it. With your first sip, sugar and acid in soft drinks begin to dissolve your tooth enamel, which causes tooth decay. When the decay reaches the nerve, root and base of the tooth, your tooth dies and you typically need a root canal. This is typically when you make the emergency call to the dentist (usually in the middle of the night or on a weekend) due to the pain and discomfort . . . all caused by a simple sip of soda.
As your soda makes its way through your body, the sodium benzoate (a food preservative that reduces your body’s ability to store and process much-needed potassium) can cause recurring body rashes, eczema and even asthma. Did you know that 11 Americans die each day from asthma?
Your heart is the next organ to go as your sip of soda happily plows through your system. The high fructose corn syrup actually causes an increased risk of metabolic syndrome, which can cause heart disease. More than one in every four deaths is caused by hearth disease, by the way.
The phosphoric acid in your favorite carbonated beverage has been known to cause kidney stones and other renal problems. Yes, if you are male, Caucasian, overweight and you drink pop, you are really likely to get kidney stones in your lifetime. Some say the pain of passing a kidney stone is worse than child birth.
Not only does soda impact your reproductive system, cause bone breakdown and increased risk of osteoporosis, it also has a direct correlation to your body weight. For every soda you drink each day, your risk of obesity increases 1.6 times.
And, of course, if you drink soda, you have an 80% increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.
In a nutshell, put the can down and stop drinking soda. Figure out what you are craving in your favorite drink and find a healthy alternative. If it’s caffeine you need, try green tea. If it is sugar, find a non-carbonated, all-natural option that doesn’t wreak havoc on your body. If you are simply thirsty, drink water. There is no better beverage than water. But, whatever you do, please, don’t drink soda.

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