Dog vs. Root Canal?

February marks the one year anniversary of our Dog vs. Root Canal story that played out on WNCI’s Dave and Jimmy show.   Please read on for the whole story.

One snowy morning Valerie, our Office Coordinator, was on her way to work listening to WNCI on the radio.  She heard a story about a man who was torn between having a life-saving surgery performed on his dog or getting himself out of pain by having two root canals done at his dentist office.  He had enough money saved for one or the other.  There was much debate as to what he should do.  After Valerie heard the story, she immediately called the office to see how we could help.

After briefly explaining the situation to Dr. Edwards, he gave Jena, our Hygienist, the go ahead to call and offer to do the root canals for FREE!  Jena called WNCI and told Dave and Jimmy that if the man had the money to do either the root canals or the surgery on his dog, to go ahead with the surgery.  A few days later Scott came in to the office and left a couple hours later pain free. And…… The Dog Lives!!

 Meet Cloe….she is a mix of Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, and Terrier.

Letter from Scott’s wife following Scott’s Root Canal’s at our office:

She was diagnosed with Pancreatis and is now out of the hospital following her procedure.  She is slowly getting back into eating and getting her spirits and strength back.  We missed her so much while she was hospitalized and are glad to have her home. 

Scott has been in much pain but the amount not covered by his insurance was more than we could afford.  As you know the money we were saving has now been spent on Cloe, which is why Scott called WNCI.   We want to sincerely thank you and WNCI for this help!   It means so much to us! 

Letter from Scott following his Root Canal:

Just wanted to tell you the dog lives!

Cloe went in for her procedure and is on her way to being her normal playful self within the next week or two.  I have attached a few pictures of her so you can see how adorable she is, and feel free to share with all the other listeners.  These were also provided to Dr. Edwards office as well.

Our thanks goes out to WNCI Morning Zoo and the entire staff at Dr. Edwards office!  I hate the dentist!  The Edwards family dentist turned me around on that!  What a wonderful group of people in there.  I’m told root canals are one of the most painful things to go through with your mouth.  I had zero pain while in that chair. It was quick and painless and was home chewing food on the left side of my mouth again.  What a wonderful feeling and long awaited relief.  I even shared a small piece of my yummy fortune cookie with Cloe this evening, so she could have a little treat.  Dr. Edwards will be my dentist from here on out.  I have another appointment set up to go back and check the work that was done and look at some other work that needs done. 

Again, we can not thank the WNCI Morning Zoo staff and Dr. Edwards practice enough for all of your help.  

Our Cloe can now be back in the dog house and I am now out of it.  HAHA!   Also, feel free to contact me, should you have questions or need listeners to hear about my experience w/Dr. Edwards office.



 We are so glad that we were able to help Cloe, Scott  and their family.  Scott did great after his visit and like Cloe he too is now out of pain ! 

Smile BIG:)

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