Watch Your Mouth!!!

       Oral cancer can show up as tumors, cracks, or lesions on your throat, voice box, tonsils, or tongue.  Nearly 40,000 Americans will be diagnosed this year, and because 14 percent of oral cancersare caught too late, only two-thirds of those patients will survive longer than five years.  Radiation and chemotherapy are the most common courses of action, though surgery can be done if the tumors are small and accessible ( treatment side effects can include loss of taste buds, vocal-cord damage, trouble swallowing, and scarring).

       Because the cancer is so tricky to catch,  it’s important to pay close attention to any changes in you mouth and throat.

Check closely for these early warning signs:

* Changes in your voice or ability to swallow

* Long-term hoarseness or an unexplained persistant cough

* painful sores:  Any sore or lesion inside the mouth that lasts longer than two weeks should be checked out by a doctor

* Pain or swelling in the lymph nodes or neck that lasts longer than two weeks

* A persistant sore throat that goes on for longer than two weeks.

Here at Edwards family dental , when you come in to have your teeth cleaned we provide you a  free of charge oral cancer screening.  Our hygientist visually look at all tissue in your mouth, under your tongue, and your throat.  We are looking into adding an oral cancer screening aide to our office called Velscope.

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