Treats for Treasure

Are you tired of all of that extra Halloween candy?  Did your children collect way more candy than you know what to do with?

Have we got a deal for you!!!

As the fall season quickly approaches, we are getting ready for our annual Treats for Treasure.  After the great success we had last year, we are so excited to get started.  As I am sure many of you remember, we will be buying back your unwanted, unwrapped candy for cash or prizes during the month of November.  All collected treats (and a ton of toothbrushes) will be sent to our troops abroad to brighten their holiday season. 

 If you have any loved ones overseas and you would like to share their address, please email us anytime at  Bring a smile to someone across the globe!

Stop by our office 6235 Perimeter Dr. Dublin, Ohio 43017

Trade in your candy for a prize or cash (and a toothbrush)

All November!

Remember, we pay by the pound!

Please help us spread the word by forwarding this  to your friends and family.  We hope to see you in November!  


Candy and children’s teeth

  While consuming several pieces of candy in celebration of Halloween may not immediately harm one’s teeth, excessive and continuous candy consumption during the rest of the year can certainly have an effect. Too much exposure to sugary candies and snacks can eventually lead to tooth decay, especially in young children’s teeth. Hard candy can sometimes cause chips or breaks in teeth when bitten down upon, and excessively gummy, sticky, or chewy candies can get lodged in the back molars or between orthodontic appliances such as braces. Teeth are more susceptible to decay during the first few years after eruption in the mouth. Primary teeth (“baby teeth”) are much more susceptible to decay, because their protective outer enamel layer is thinner and more easily penetrated by the acid. Children are getting teeth until age 13, so they really have a higher vulnerability to decay until they’re around 15.

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