Treats for Treasure

Halloween Candy Buy Back


Although children’s costumes might change from Spiderman to pirates to something new year to year, there is one stubbornly persistent Halloween question: What in the world are we going to do with all that candy?

When we first heard the idea of buying back candy from our community, our staff was so excited. The premise was to get kids to turn in their unwanted candy and send it to our military troops serving abroad. And Treats for Treasure began….

Not only will it save your teeth, but our troops that are serving our country overseas will also be able to enjoy a Halloween away from home. Now during these hard times, the spirit of giving and helping is needed more than ever.

Every November, we buy back unwanted, unopened Halloween candy for cash and prizes! We box up all of the treats along with toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss and send them overseas to our troops. We involve our local elementary schools to help out. We match every pound of candy donated from elementary schools with a dollar for their PTO. A big thank you to everyone involved! #SMILEBIG


Dr. Tim and staff, I just wanted to say thank you for the box of candy we got from your office. I think it’s a great idea to buy back the candy from Halloween, think my kids still have some left over from then. I appreciated the toothbrushes also. I think if my Soldiers eat any more candy, all of them will need to go see the dentist. We appreciate your support and that you would take the time to send us the care package. It means a lot to us over here that you and your staff support our efforts here in Afghanistan. We hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and are getting ready for a great and Merry Christmas. -From all of the Soldiers here in B Company

Dr Tim and Staff, Well thank you so much in advance. Mail is always a bright spot in the day and at this point, I think the majority of it actually has mail and something to open opposed to actually needing or even wanting anything in particular. It’s funny when we get mail it’s like Christmas or something. A soldier’s pleasures are simple. And mail is one of those simple pleasures. So thank you so much.

We are a Signal Company and my equipment literally provides the internet for our unit. We are definitely in the digital age even in the army and I don’t know what people would do without their email. Signal provides everything here and yet we are the most underappreciated company. We are used to it so we get along. We like to say if the light is green then we’re doing our job, because people generally keep trying to figure out what our job is but they just don’t understand.

Dr. Edwards, Thank you for the care package, it just got here yesterday. The Soldiers and I really appreciate it so much. Please thank your staff and the wonderful kids that helped out to. God bless you all. Also thank you all for the prayers and support.

Dear members of Operation Gratitude: I would like to take a couple minutes to say a very huge thank you for the very nice care package sent to me. I really enjoyed reading the letters from the children. What you do for the deployed troops is nothing short of amazing. The morale that your packages bring to members of a unit is a very important thing while deployed away from our loved ones. To maintain high states of morale makes any deployment much easier to bear. Though there is no replacement for being home with wives, kids, boyfriends, girlfriends, etcetera, the care packages are always a nice boost of happiness when received. Knowing that people still care and still support us in a time where support seems to be falling really helps us remember why we do what we do. Thank you again for the most generous package. -SSGT C.S

Thank you very much for the candy and dental items. I work the night shift which is from 2:30- 9:00 Mon- Sun. The candy will assist in staying awake. I am in the Navy and working for the Army in Afganistan. My job is being an IT and I work with Sat Comm terminals in the field. Thanks for the support!

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