Letter from a soldier

A letter from a soldier that recieved our candy care packages from our annual Treats for Treasure. Hello from Afghanistan!  We received the care package you sent us today.  Thank you for the letters and drawings, they are decorating our work spaces right now. All that candy! It is so great that you were all willing to give up your…

In search of a New Years Resolution…??

7 Compelling Reasons to Quit Smoking Today From bone marrow to stomach lining, lungs to bladder—smoking brings a world of pain to your body. By Alonna Friedman, SELF Here’s the happy news first: “Studies have not yet shown a direct cause-and-effect relationship between cancer and stress,” says Terri Ades, R.N., director of cancer information at the American Cancer Society in…

Invisalign Extravaganza Dec. 8th

Are you a teen interested in straightening your smile without those embarrassing metal wires and brackets? Or are you and adult whose teeth have shifted since  treatment or you never had braces when you were younger? Join us on Dec. 8th 2010 at our Invisalign Extravaganza     Over $1000.00 in savings!! FREE Consultation FREE Records And FREE Whitening $500 off…

Treats for Treasure

Treats for Treasure has officially ended and we are so grateful for all of the support we received.  We collected just under 730 lbs of candy and treats for our military forces abroad.  We will keep you posted with letters or pictures of thanks.

Watch Your Mouth!!!

       Oral cancer can show up as tumors, cracks, or lesions on your throat, voice box, tonsils, or tongue.  Nearly 40,000 Americans will be diagnosed this year, and because 14 percent of oral cancersare caught too late, only two-thirds of those patients will survive longer than five years.  Radiation and chemotherapy are the most common courses of action, though surgery…

6 Doctor-Tested Ways to Keep a Cold Away

What’s the best way not to get sick? Well, you can’t keep the cold viruses from being all around you. But you can mount a series of defenses strong enough that they can’t get to you. Here comes fall — and in the United States, that means most adults can expect to get at least two colds between September and…

Treats for Treasure Update

We are still buying back your leftover, unwanted Halloween candy.  We have collected over 315 lbs as of 11/08/!  A special thanks to Scottish Corners Elementary for helping us collect an impressive 165lbs!  Thanks for all of your support!! Help us make this years Halloween Candy Buy Back bigger than last years(we still need 300 lbs of candy to beat…

Treats for Treasure

Are you tired of all of that extra Halloween candy?  Did your children collect way more candy than you know what to do with? Have we got a deal for you!!! As the fall season quickly approaches, we are getting ready for our annual Treats for Treasure.  After the great success we had last year, we are so excited to get…

KidSmiles Fundraiser

KidSmiles Pediatric Dental Clinic Fundraiser Thursday, October 21 at the Lazy Chameleon 4028 Presidential Parkway in Powell Silent Auction begins at 6:30pm Tickets $15, Includes one drink, appetizers, and live music Tickets will be sold at the door. To purchase tickets in advance, call 614-726-2122 or email info@kidsmilesclinic.com For more information on the clinic, visit www.kidsmilesclinic.com Join Dr. Edwards and…

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