Preschool Dental Quiz

Dental Health Quiz

We hope you learned a lot today about your teeth and all of the ways to take care of them.  Here are the answers to your quiz below.  Don’t forget to bring the secret password into the office to redeem your prize.

1. What happens when you go to the dentist?

  • a.   you get your teeth brushed
  • b.  they count your teeth
  • c.   they check for cavities
  • d.   they teach you how to take care of them
  • e.   all of these things

Answer: E
All of these things happen at the dentist office.


2. What might you see a dentist wear?

  • a.   a mask
  • b.   glasses/goggles
  • c.   a jacket/coat
  • d.   gloves
  • e.   all of these things

Answer: E
You may see all of these things at the dentist office.

3. Why does the dentist dress like this?

  • a.    because it is raining
  • b.    because it is cold
  • c.    so they don’t spread germs

Answer: C
We learned that germs are very small things that make us feel sick

4. What is a cavity?

  • a.    a bump on your arm
  • b.    a hole in your tooth
  • c.     a scratch on your face

Answer: B
We learned that cavities are holes in our teeth.  We also talked about making
sure that we get rid of cavities by brushing our teeth.

5. How do we know we might have a cavity?

  • a.   a tooth that hurts
  • b.   a tooth that is sensitive to hot or cold food/drinks
  • c.    a tooth that is stained or a different color
  • d.   all of these things


Answer: D
We learned that cavities happen when we eat or drink things with lots of
sugar and don’t brush our teeth.

6. Your first visit to the dentist should be when?

  • a.   never
  • b.   when you get your drivers license
  • c.   around age 3 or before if you are having problems

Answer: C
Most dentists agree that children should be evaluated by age 3, unless, of course, there is a need to see a dentist before.


7.  How can we prevent getting cavities?

  • a.   brushing at least twice/day
  • b.   avoid frequent snacking
  • c.   flossing
  • d.   all of the above

Answer: D
We discussed brushing before school and the importance of bedtime brushing. We also discussed not snacking after we brush and only having water at bedtime.

8. When do your first baby teeth usually fall out?

  • a.   4-5 years old
  • b.   6-7 years old
  • c.   7-8 years old
  • d.   9-10 years old

Answer: B
We talked about the difference between baby teeth and adult teeth.  We learned
about the word “permanent” and how long permanent teeth are supposed to last.


Now that you have taken the test, you can bring the secret password toothbrush to our office for a special prize.

You and your parent will receive (2) Smile Big gift certificates that you can use for GRAETERS ICE CREAM.

The only thing that you have to do is have your parent stop by our office (and promise to brush your teeth after your treat)!!

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