February Pre-school Talks

Did you know that February is National Children’s Health Month?  Every February Dr. Edwards speaks with several local pre-schools about the importance of good dental hygiene. He discusses proper brushing techniques, the importance of flossing and brushing, & proper eating habits to prevent cavities.  Dr Edwards also explains everything that happens at the dentist step by step to help ease any fear or reservations that children may have about the dentist.  Education is the key to establishing habits that last a lifetime.

Dr. Edwards talking in front of pre-schoolers               Dr. Edwards helping a pre-schooler put on a dentist outfit

Dr. Edwards asks for “mini dentists” to help him show all the students why dentists dress so funny (so we don’t spread germs) and help show proper brushing techniques on a set of giant teeth.

Top 5 Questions Asked by Pre-school Students

5.  Do you see my mom?

4.  Do you have to wear all of that stuff?

3.  Why does my Dad’s breath smell like my dogs?

2.  If I get cavities, will my teeth fall out?

1.  Why do I need to brush my tongue?

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